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Who Benefits From Shirodhara? Shirodhara is a great treatment for a compromised nervous system. Shirodhara can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension. It relieves tension, worry, fear and headache as well as depression. It regulates mood and gives feelings of pleasure and relaxation. Shirodhara treatment is advised for the prevention of many psychosomatic disorders. In a healthy individual, prevention of diseases pertaining to the body, mind and sense organs is the foremost indication. Shirodhara can also assist with the following conditions: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Shirodhara reduces excess vata dosha which is the primary dosha out of balance in PTSD. According to Alakananda Ma of the Alandi Ayurveda Gurukulam, shirodhara done with an appropriate Shirodhara Oil containing nervine herbs will deeply soothe the nervous system and help ease the symptoms of PTSD. Insomnia and Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD) Shirodhara is traditionally known for it’s ability to assist with sleep problems. Research proves the treatment effective alone and also when coupled with herbal support.1 Shirodhara with milk has also proven effective in treating insomnia. The process stimulates the pineal gland which produces melatonin, the regulator of the wake-sleep cycle. It calms an unquiet mind and induces rest. If your insomnia stems from working the night shift and your wake-sleep cycle is out of sync with the natural rhythms of the sun shirodhara can assist in removing fatigue, restoring energy and re-establishing harmony in the doshas or constitution. Jet Lag If you’re a frequent flyer and your daily sleep rhythm is often out of sync and you suffer jet lag, shirodhara can help reset your daily pattern of waking and sleeping as well as remove built up fatigue. Travel with a Vata soothing oil or Bhringaraj oil and apply to the head before bed or find a local practitioner to receive the treatment. Hypertension Raktagata Vata is an imbalance of Vata dosha that may be correlated with hypertension. Shirodhara has proven effective in lowering blood pressure. Healthy Individuals Shirodhara is also a great treatment for the healthy individual looking to maintain health and enhance well being, clarity, calm and immunity. Shirodhara promotes deep relaxation, relieves fatigue and renews and reinvigorates the body and mind. It also balances one’s energy level. If you are in need of rest and relaxation, the process will provide you that. If you are well rested the process will enhance your clarity and perception. Shirodhara increases immunity by relieving stress and worry, and balancing the Ayurveda mind-body types or doshas so that your constitution remains strong. Shirodhara gives deep rest and renewed energy producing an ageless and youthful countenance. Shirodhara relieves stress, worry and excessive thought. It gives total relaxation as if from meditation. This naturally relaxes and rejuvenates the face and softens worry lines. More Indications Of Shirodhara Various ancient texts of Ayurveda have advised use of oil on the head, like shirodhara, for the following indications. Headaches of various types like cluster headaches, migraines, tension headaches, headache originating at the temples, using herbal oils or milk infused with herbs Burning sensation in the head. Consequences of head injuries Hemiplegia or paralysis To control vitiated Vata dosha Diseases of Vata origin, mainly degenerative diseases Diseases of Pitta origin, mainly inflammatory diseases Dryness of the head region For healthy and long hair For itching of the scalp Premature greying of the hair Low level of vitality or ojas Cracked lips Heart disease Agni mandhya or sluggish metabolism Certain diseases of the ear Certain diseases of the eye Psoriasis like skin lesions Loss of memory and Alzheimer’s disease Diabetic neuropathy (as an adjunct with other treatments) Proper neuro-muscular coordination To delay aging For more info visit us at http://ayurvedahealingtree.in/bizFloat/5a1b7cd6dbf3961bc09d79cc/Who-Benefits-From-Shirodhara-Shirodhara-is-a-great-treatment-for-a-compromised-nervous-system-Shirodhara-can-help-relieve-symptoms-of-anxiety-stress-fatigue-and-hypertension-It-relieves-tension-worry-fear-a
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