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Treatment of Urticaria In Ayurveda, Urticaria can be understood or compared with a condition termed as Sheetapitta .While there isn’t any specific and satisfactory cure for urticaria in contemporary science, good news is it can be managed effectively with Ayurveda and its principals. It is true that Urticaria isn’t a life threatening condition; however, it affects one’s quality of life seriously. A few individuals tend to suffer from this condition for even years together. Besides, incidences of relapse are found frequently. Many resort to western medicine that prescribes antihistamines and corticosteroids as mentioned earlier. Well, these drugs reduce the body’s immunity; hence, Ayurveda definitely has an edge in offering a comprehensive solution to urticaria. Sheetapitta consists of two words in which sheeta means cold & pitta means warmth. Therefore, it is a condition that is caused owing to dominance of ‘cold’ (which exists in kapha and vata dosha) over ‘hot’ (existing in pitta dosha). Causes 1. Excess intake of salty and pungent food 2. Eating large amounts of sour gruels 3. Excessive intake of mustard 4. Exposure to cold wind 5. Contact of cold substances 6. Day sleep 7. Improper emesis 8. Altered features in rainy and winter season 9. Insect bite 10. Contact of poisonous insects / bugs Treatment Principal 1. Body purificatory therapy which includes Shodhana 2. Oral medications 3. Avoidance of causative factors With Ayurvedic Treatment we can expect Full recovery and no relapse during life time. For expert Consultation meet our doctor at Ayurveda Healing Tree, Kerala Ayurveda & Panchkarma Centre or call 7696287379.
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