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SLIP DISC, HERNIATED DISC, PROLAPSED DISC Intervertebral discs acts as shock absorbers between two vertebras. Discs have two parts, the inner portion and the outer portion. The inner portion is soft and gelatinous whilst the outer ring is tough. The inner portion of the disc can sometimes herniate to the outer portion due to weakness or injury. This is known as a slipped or herniated disc. There are times when the slipped disc compresses on one of the nerves emerging from the spine causing numbness and pain along the area of the affected nerve. Stages of Disc Prolapse • Disc Dehydration This is the stage where the outer layer of the disc weakens and the fibers around the disc become loose. This leads to flattening of the disc with loss of height and increase of the diameter. This is called a bulge. • Disc Prolapse This is a condition where the outer layer called the annulus fibroses cracks and the soft interior of the disc starts protruding through the outer layer. When this happens, the prolapsed part of the disc tends to touch on the adjoining nerves and it’s at this point that you start experiencing pain and other associated symptoms. • Disc Extrusion At this point, some part of the protruded nucleus pulposus starts to push out through the outer part of the disc and the gets detached. • Disc Sequestration In this stage, the free fragment of the nucleus pulposus (the inner most part of the disc) manages to get within the spinal canal. Who Gets Slipped Disc? Doctors have pinned age as a factor in many of the cases. In addition, smokers are also more likely to get slipped discs because smoking makes the discs lose their natural flexibility. Furthermore, overweight people are also more likely to suffer from a slipped disc because their disks have to support extra weight than they can handle. Causes of Slip Discs • Ageing • Smoking • Obesity • Physically demanding jobs such as lifting heavy weights Symptoms Of Slipped Discs The symptoms are based on the location of the disc affected. Symptoms of Slipped Disc in the neck • Pain in the neck, shoulders, arms in one side of the neck • Numbness in part of the hand • Pain that goes all the way to the hands • Worsening of pain at night • Muscle weakness in the hands • A sensation of aching, burning in the affected area Symptoms of Slipped Disc in the back • Pain and numbness on one side of the back. • Pain that goes all the way to the legs • Worsening of pain at night • Worsening of pain while standing or sitting • Pain while walking for short distances • Muscle weakness • A sensation of aching, burning in the affected area Ayurvedic Treatment for Slip Disc: Ayurveda offers a very tangible alternative that works in almost any case of a prolapsed or slipped disc. Ayurvedic medications comprising of herbal decoctions, tablets, capsules and oils for external application are very effective in providing relief in patients with mild to moderate problems. Persons with chronic problems and those with severe intensity of symptoms would require Ayurvedic therapies like Abhyanga (Medicated Oil applications and massages), Swedana (Sudation therapy), Pizhichil, Kativasti, Shodana therapies (detoxification) using Vasthi in the case of back pain related problems and Nasyam in the case of neck related problems. These therapies are used to heal nerves affected by the herniated disc and to relieve the muscular spasm as well. Treatment For Slipped Disc In Ayurveda Healing Tree Our experienced team, at AHT, offers effective Ayurvedic treatment through the complete range of Ayurvedic medicines and therapies. The treatment given by AHT provides a unique advantage to its patients. These treatments help the patients avoid surgery, are safe and effective for the patient, and are natural and holistic. In addition, through these treatments, a patient can avoid the chance of a recurrence of the condition. Why Ayurveda Healing Tree • Treatment at AHT alleviates the need for surgery and improves quality of life • Our experience makes us the best at offering the services required to effectively heal • The treatment offered is time-tested, safe and effective • The treatment is natural and holistic • It retards the chances of a recurrence • Patients walk out with renewed confidence in life Get EXPERT ADVICE on your Condition@ 7814002233 Email ayurvedahealingtree@gmail.com For more info visit us at http://ayurvedahealingtree.in/bizFloat/5a2cb9ab68de92045cc9593c/SLIP-DISC-HERNIATED-DISC-PROLAPSED-DISC-Intervertebral-discs-acts-as-shock-absorbers-between-two-vertebras-Discs-have-two-parts-the-inner-portion-and-the-outer-portion-The-inner-portion-is-soft-and-gelatino
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