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Shirodhara is seen as one of the best stress buster. Ayurvedic Text beautifully mention it as follows Shirodhara is a type of ‘murdha taila’ procedure which means application of oil on the head or ‘murdha’. Application of oil can be done in various ways: Shiro Abhyanga – Massaging the head with herbal oils for a fixed duration of time, usually 30-40 minutes. Shiro Seka / Shiro dhara – A procedure in which the herbal oils or medicated liquids (milk, buttermilk, et cetera) are poured in a stream over the receiver’s head for a fixed duration of time, usually 35-45 minutes or 60 minutes. Shiro Pichu – The application of a cotton pad dipped in oil over the head. Shiro Basti (Vasti) – Procedure in which a dam is constructed over the head (in sitting position) using a leather cap or any other suitable material. The cap is sealed to the head with wet flour of black gram and filled with herbal oils and held there for a stipulated time. For best Ayurvedic Consultation call 7696287379 For more info visit us at http://ayurvedahealingtree.in/bizFloat/5a1b7bae3486b905187ea0b1/Shirodhara-is-seen-as-one-of-the-best-stress-buster-Ayurvedic-Text-beautifully-mention-it-as-follows-Shirodhara-is-a-type-of-murdha-taila-procedure-which-means-application-of-oil-on-the-head-or-murdha-Appli
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